Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Sewing Spirals!

Have sudden irresistible urge to make spiral skirts.  I've got four of them cut out of various color combinations. 

Here's the very cool way one looks going together: 


Does anyone perhaps think these things are tricky to sew together?  They are NOT like sewing two contrary curves together to make a quilt, or put a sleeve into an armscye.  There's no pinning here!  You just have to sew a few inches, smush the curves to line up on top of each other, sew a few more inches.  It's really very easy. 


But I have no idea why I always end up tipping my head to one side while doing it.  It's become a challenge of wills between myself and my spine.  Why does that head have to go sideways?  There's no reason.  Can't see any better that way!  Doesn't give any advantage at all!  But it keeps happening.  I notice I'm doing it and straighten that head up the way it should be, sew another spiral section together and find that blasted skull tipped over again with its brains dribbling out the right ear, and have to straighten it. 


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to see you sewing it with a regular machine. Why not do the seams on your serger?

Janel said...

A serger would probably work just fine.
I'm just not that confident, or decisive! I make mistakes quite often and a mistake with a serger is *permanent*!