Monday, November 8, 2010

idea for Mike's quilt

Dave made a quilt so Mike's got to have one too.  He asks me about it quite often, overlooking the important detail that Dave (more or less!!) made his own. Mike's not inclined to sewing, but is waiting for his quilt because Mom DID say he could have one too.

I think I'll do an actual pattern for his! I've got to to add some interest, because I hate the fabrics he picked!  But the pattern's got to be about as simple as it can get.

I'm gonna do the center patches 2", and see how large those squares come out, then cut the plain fabric squares the same size. Adding sashing between makes it fancier and easier. I can do this :-)

Very rough approximation of the tone of the fabrics chosen by Mikey, which, as I said, are NOT exactly inspirational to me. I don't like any of 'em very much, but I don't mind the sleigh one at top left because I like the whole snowy woods theme, or the lower right because it's got a little bit of a Germanic vibe to it. But I sure don't like 'em all together!

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