Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Place I Come From

North California.  I was only here during my teen years, but it's where I identify more than anywhere else.  I found myself here!

I spent a lot of time up on these hills, often just far enough above the house to be "elsewhere", but sometimes I'd take my doggie and a roll of Ritz crackers, and wander all day, back up the ridge a couple miles. 

Here's a panorama I put together the old-fashioned way!  Took the pictures aeons ago and had them printed, and only recently scanned them in so I could have the computer stitch them together.  
My doggie is visible at the far right, a little black blob against the white snow. 
And "home" is down on the other side of that bare patch in the middle left. 

Another picture of the pup.