Monday, November 29, 2010

Using willpower to NOT exercise

Walk It Out! is so much fun!  It's easy to walk for an hour and a half because you lose track of time and get into it.  They were (fiendishly??) clever to not have a timer anywhere in the game!  The idea is to lose track of time and just jog along collecting points and building the island.  It's happened several times that I still think I'm having fun, and then suddenly realize I'm so tired I can barely take another step.  That's when it's time to stop.  I've been walking twice a day, but I'm going to have to reduce that to once; I had been getting away with "just a little while before I go to bed, it'll help me sleep better!" during this four-day Thanksgiving weekend but now that we're back to regular schedule I just can't spare that much time.  So I'll have to be content with just walking once a day...
Imagine what a reversal!  Now we're using willpower to NOT exercise! 
Rhythm Island is so gorgeous at night, too.  If you turn on the program at eight pm, it's dark, the streetlamps are lit and the stars are out!  But luckily, there's a "magic clock" that changes the time, so you can walk at night anytime. 
It's the perfect world.  I wonder if some of its seduction is that it's an idealized fantasy land, peaceful and free, where you can go anywhere you want, and be safe at any time of day or night. 
The Japanese who made it were kind enough to include a church in the plan!  I've found the church, but haven't bought it yet.  I've heard that there's a wedding going on  :-) 
The island has a sports stadium, apartments, housing area, shopping area, ranches with farmhouses, flower fields and a mountain path, lighthouse, beach with shops, and a church-- no city hall, no courthouse, no school, no police station, no bar!  I think that's just about everything we need.  Let's all move to that island!!! 
Well, at least we can visit. 
Addendum, I got the church, and took pictures.  I'll put those on the other blog  :-)

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Heather said...

Yup, this is exactly our experience with it. In fact, we bought it because of your review and Rach and I have walked over 5 miles in 2 days. In fact yesterday, we were exhausted but would not stop because we found a suspension bridge to a beautiful hill we wanted to get to and almost had the 1000steps needed to get it. :)So thank you for recommending it!