Friday, November 5, 2010

The Finished Stairs

Doesn't it look like church stairs?  I don't know of any businesses who cover their stairs with berber and definitely no other homes!  So for the first few days, every time I walked up these stairs it felt like going up church stairs.  I guess that’s a good thought!  As close to church as I'm able to get right now. 

The berber isn't nearly as ugly as I thought it would be.  It actually came out quite elegant-looking. 

And it's very soft and thick, which is the whole point.  I hate carpeting and wouldn't have it anywhere else in my house, the stuff's NASTY!  Only on the stairs, for the cushioning of little noggins when they tumble down.  I got the thickest berber and heaviest carpet padding available.  On such a small job there's not much difference in the price of materials   🙂

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