Monday, November 29, 2010

My free Barbie pattern: Mailbag bonanza!

I love it when people send me pictures of what they've made with my patterns! 

Kristi writes:

I’ve been sewing like crazy the last week to make a nice big supply of dresses for my daughter’s Christmas present. I wanted to share again. And I’ve made even MORE since I took this picture and added more ribbons and sparkles to some of the dresses here. I’ve also come up with a simple lazy way to make sleeves that are seen on some of these dresses. You can see it on the plaid Christmas dress. I basically sew a tube of fabric and pin it into the bodice before I sew it together. I’m going to try to add long sleeves next! Thanks again for the fun pattern. I think I am having more fun than my daughter!
And look at the wonderful pictures she sent me!


Caryn said...

Hi. I love your barbie pattern and have made lots for my daughters barbie dolls. She was just given some Bratz dolls so I altered your pattern and made them some dresses and have blogged it and credited you. Thanks Caryn

Janel said...

Hey, that's great! THANKS for the credit, every link helps :-)
Your Bratz doll outfits are charming!