Monday, October 18, 2010

A Shiny New WP Install

Have I mentioned I'm taking a break from college classes?  And everything else, until further notice, in order to have more of my thoughts and energy on the kids and house where it belongs, and that's been a great relief so far.

But it doesn't hurt to mess with a brand shiny new WordPress install just a little bit.  I made a WP 3.0.1 website and... wow.  It's pretty.  It's pretty cool, it's pretty useful.  The default theme is SLICK.  The options are vastly better... the media insertion and gallery insertion is a lot easier.

WordPress is a neat deal.  It's the website of the fyoocher!  Anybody can do this, for $4 a month hosting and the cost of a domain, with the appearance all customized to their liking, and able to edit it themselves!