Thursday, October 28, 2010

How To Not Sell a Cutting Mat on eBay

Before I bought that big Gingher mat, I looked around ebay.
I found one auction for a "very old" Fiskars mat which interested me enough to write the seller:
Perchance is this SO very old that it was made in Finland instead of Taiwan?
The seller replied... only to confirm whether I had really wanted to ask that question.
Hello and Good Morning,
Well, I just don’t know. It wasn’t a piece of info that I thought was pertinent to it's sale. Do you require this information? If so, I will unpackage the item and find out for you. I purchased this second hand a couple of years ago, so I do not know.

I said:
What, am I supposed to swear to buy it or something? I'm just SHOPPING here. Somebody asking you a question means they are interested. Yes, if it says "made in Finland" on it I will most likely want it.

Doesn't that seem like a big enough hint?  Don't you see money burning a hole in someone's pocket?

The seller replied:
Hello again,
I am sorry, I wasn't trying to be a smart a-- or something. I was just trying to get educated as to the meaning of where it was made. Please don’t take offense. Maybe I didn’t say it right.
I will get the mat down and check out where it was made. Can you inform me as to the differences?
Best Regards,

Does this lady not want to sell her item?  There were no other bids.
I notice she had to "get it down" in the second email rather than "unwrap" like the first-- the only continuous theme is the massive inconvenience I'm causing her.
Maybe she thinks I'll be so impatient that I'll bid anyway?

I ordered the Gingher.
Sometimes communication is just not happening, and it seems like any further words would be wasted.  Anyway blogging's more fun  :-)