Monday, October 25, 2010

Robin Hood 2010

My two cents.
The first chapter irritated me in so many different ways. I thought I was going to hate the whole thing. I hate it when they mess with classic stories. I've read all the different Robin Hood versions and a couple scholarly works too.
But after the first scene it started to grow on me. What-if alternate scenarios can be fun! Mostly we just like to watch Russell Crowe slashing a sword around enough to make excuses for the rest. Moar battle scenes!!

I enjoyed the whole movie because of the props, scenery, clothing and weapons which were all intensely 13c cool, and kept my eyeballs very much entertained. I wanted everything I saw.  Fur!  Leather!  Draped layers!

THIS is what I liked enough to make a blog post about. This crown just tickled me completely with its snazzy old gold excellence.  This is what a king's crown should look like. 

Not the king! Eww. That's way not what a king should look like. Let's lose the loser and coronate Russell Crowe.