Friday, October 22, 2010

The Pitfalls of Life

The carpet was supposed to be installed today.  The installer called and said he had a tooth pulled yesterday and wishes he could just go home.  Can they come tomorrow instead?

Oh sure, what am I going to say? 
"NO, you have to come to my house anyway and just suffer while you work." 

These are the samples we had brought home to choose between.  One's called GOOD HOPE and the other is PITFALL.
What genius in Marketing came up with that one?  Here's our new product line, what do you think?  Yeah, looks good, what shall we call it?  How about PITFALL! 
We went with Pitfall because it’s thicker and heavier.  The color we're getting is that barfy greenish color right in the middle where GOOD HOPE overlaps.
Definitely had to use brains to pick that color, not heart.
The sample on the floor in front of them is what I would install if I was using emotions to pick carpeting  🙂
The sample is going under my sewing machine to warm my heart and feet!