Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cinderella's Punkin

We got only ONE pumpkin on ONE vine this year, and no zucchini-- what kind of a garden?? and just a couple acorn squash.  It’s better than no pumpkins like we had last year despite my best efforts  :-)
I remember a few years ago, a pumpkin plant tried to take over the entire back yard, producing vines miles long with dozens of lil' punkins.  I thinned off all but four or five of them and then only ended up making pies out of one.

So just ONE is a perfect harvest for me  🙂

While dealing with this hard-shelled repository of pie filling, I couldn't stop thinking of an illustration I recalled from childhood, from an old fairy-tale book. 

These things generally make better pies than they do modes of transportation. 

Pies are in the oven right now and starting to smell goooood!