Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Happy Place Tonight

My old cutting mat was twenty years old and showing it.  It was getting warped in the middle, and using it was like trying to cut on a hill!  On a whim, I asked DH to pick a new one up for me on his way home.  He brought a Fiskars 24×36 mat, and I received it with delight and left it in the sewing room all evening while I was busy making dinner.  By the time I got to really look at it, it had stunk up the whole room!  It smelled soooo bad! 

It went back to the store. 

Then I shopped online, and found a great deal on a Gingher mat that was half off, and thus only $5 more than the Fiskars one.  It's a CADILLAC of mats, made of poly instead of PVC, so there's no bad smell. 
So nice to have!  I'm really happy. 
Now even my cheapo rotary cutter seems slick and efficient!  Being so HUGE, there's less folding and repositioning, and that makes cutting jobs go faster!