Friday, October 22, 2010

Spiral Cups, and You Know I Love Spirals

Went to free swap, and gave away stuff and got cool stuff.  Love it!!!
At the end I volunteered to take some leftovers down to the thrift shop.  There, I made sure to be really, really careful about what I dropped off, so I wouldn't accidentally donate off any of my INCOMING junk!
In fact I parked away from the dropoff door, and set everything outside the van then went over it to double-check, and then carried it over bit by bit  🙂
These came with me and found a home in my cupboard. 
They are the adorablest things!  They are so cute!  I just love them!
Here they are with the spiral plates I already had (which were only 96c each at Walmart!) and don't they look good together?