Saturday, October 23, 2010

Most favorite fabrics quilt

I need a new quilt for my bed, and I decided I would make it out of only fabrics I LOVE, whether they really went together or not. I have a bunch of scraps of all different sizes, and some larger pieces, of these most-liked fabrics.

I worried for a while because I felt that a bed quilt should be a masterpiece! It should have a fancy pattern. I had to talk to myself for quite a while before I gave myself permission to start cutting another non-masterpiece. Had to use some reasoning: who's this quilt really for? :-)

The scraps won. I have a couple of scraps I totally heart, but not in large enough amounts to make into any sort of logical pattern. The only way to work them all in is randomly.

I've started making string squares. Gonna need quite a few for a queen size quilt.

There you have it, fabrics I ♥love♥

Using the twelve squares I have so far, here's the idea of how it will look!

For the back, I'm gonna alternate big squares of my favorite tones of pink and black floral. Don't know if I'll have enough pink, so that might have to be modified. I have plenty of different kinds of black floral, so I might have to add green or blue squares to the pink in a nice pattern.